Corporate Services

Company Incorporation and Management

Sterling Corporate Services Limited can assist you with the incorporation of your company and also provides support (including secretarial and administrative tasks) throughout the Company’s life span.

Once our due diligence requirements are met, the Company can be incorporated within 24 hours and the incorporation documents can be forwarded within seven business days. We also have available incorporated shelf companies which can be made available for immediate use upon satisfactory completion of our due diligence requirements.

Registered Office / Agent Services

Every Company incorporated in Anguilla, must have a Registered Office / Agent on the island. Sterling Corporate Service Limited (Sterling) provides this service to clients. Sterling also provides Brass Plate Arrangements to Overseas Agents looking for a Registered Office in Anguilla.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Sterling provides Corporate Secretarial Services to clients including, but not limited to: Preparation of Resolutions; Preparation of Registered Agents Certificate and Certificates of Incumbency; Assisting With Opening of Bank Accounts; Arranging Notarization Of Document(s); Arranging Apostiles of Document(s); Providing Company Searches and High Court Searches and providing a Detailed Search Report of Findings; Amendment filed on Acorn in addition to filing Restoration and Dissolution of Companies; Obtaining Certificates Of Good Standing; Obtaining Statements Of Fact; Filing Registration Of Charges; Collection of documents and dispatch.

Alien Land Holders Licenses

Sterling Corporate Services Limited can assist non-residents of Anguilla in attaining their landholder's licenses, so if you are interested in building a Caribbean branch for your business or making an investment in your future vacation home Sterling can help you take hold of the foundation necessary for that venture.

Legal Services Through Affiliated Law Firms

Should you require an opinion or have a document(s) reviewed by an attorney, Sterling can assist with this as legal services are provides through our affiliated attorney.

Trademark Registration

Our team will do a comprehensive search to see if your mark, word, or name is already registered or awaiting registration. The final search results will be reviewed with you before you decide to register your trademark.

Mail Forwarding

Our mail forwarding service is a reliable and confidential way for your business to receive mail. Mail will be collected and forwarded to you to any destination whether weekly, monthly or however you require same to be forwarded to you.

Local Business Services

We provide corporate secretarial services to local clients such as:

  • Assisting with work permits.
  • Assisting with business licenses and payment of licenses at Inland Revenue
  • Providing Company Searches and High Court Searches and providing a detailed Search Report of Findings

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